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Kristen Yohn

Director of Programs


Pride Committee; Events Committee; Support Group Committee; Training Committee

Kristen is a mother of 4 who moved from San Diego to Douglas County in November 2020 with her wife and three youngest children. She works works at Douglas ESD as the county’s LGBTQIA+ equity coach. Kristen runs the queer exchange and Gender confirming studio at UVRC, as well as coordinating our outreach and  activity programs. Kristen graduated from the University of San Diego with a bachelor's degree in English and psychology and is QMHA Credentialed in the State of Oregon. She is dedicated to serving LGBTQIA+ youth in Douglas County through various support groups, leadership programs, and community events, providing education and resources at school sites, and expanding youth resources in the area. Kristen is also involved in adult support groups and allies training series for the LGBTQIA+ community.

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