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Celia Vander Velden

Director of Volunteers & Fundraising


Celia Vander Velden (she/her) has been a resident of Roseburg for a combined 15 years of her life. She is

mother to a medically complex child of color, now angel. Her passions are with social justice rights for

All. She has spent over a decade advocating for the rights of medically complex children at the local and

state level. She currently brings passion, energy and advocacy skills to her role as Co-Chair of DC Unity.

Her reason for joining UVRC, aside from looking for community, is tied to her current life purpose of

helping Roseburg transition into a city that is fully accepting and safe for all its community members,

regardless of race, sex, gender, religion, and age. “To ensure we have a community worthy of our

children”. She enjoys being outdoors, camping, the warmth of the desert sun, sharing positive vibes with

good peoples, and making every opportunity an adventure. She lives her life looking for the silver lining

in even the harshest of circumstances; Beware, you may randomly hear her sing out in Disney songs or

other little positive jingles.

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