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Vyla Grindberg

Board President & Inter-Group Liaison


Vyla Grindberg (she/her) is a transgender woman living in the Umpqua Valley (Sutherlin) with her family, including her spouse and two children. She is an advocate for building queer community and has been involved in activism and community building for the past 8 years, with the first three in her hometown in Fargo, North Dakota. She works in public sector as the GIS Coordinator for the county, making maps of all varieties. She also teaches GIS at Umpqua Community College. She is currently working on Umpqua Rainbow Hiking as the organizer and "Hiking Mom", providing poles, water, and food (and so many more things) to those that join, as well as organizing queer board game events. She also loves Stardew Valley and has gotten to ten hearts for all the eligible partners in the game. True Story.

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